Loft Barns; Your Questions answered

Loft Barns: Your Questions answered

Chatting to a client from Mudgee recently about his plans for a Loft Barn, we realised there’s a few really helpful things you should know before you purchase or build a loft barn, and a few key questions you’d probably love the answers to. So here’s the answers to all of the important questions about Loft Barns.  […]

Exploring NSW: Things to see and do in Bowral, NSW

Exploring NSW: things to see & do Bowral

It’s safe to say we’re all a little in love with Bowral. And if you havent heard of this delightful town before, let us introduce you.   Just an easy two hour drive from Sydney, Bowral is the largest town in the Southern Highlands, boasting a wide range of accomodation, entertainment and dining options. A […]

Australian Family had their holiday home built in a week.

A holiday home built in under a week!

Approximately 6 hours’ drive north of Sydney, in a cozy little corner of New South Wales, you’ll find a fascinating place called Hanging Rock. This picturesque town is exactly where one Sydney family chose to build their Holiday Home. (in under a week!)      The Holiday Home was a traditional Cedar Loft Cabin. After […]

Cedarspan Explores NSW: Things to see & do in Gerringong

Exploring NSW: Things to see & do in Gerringong

The second exciting destination of our #explorensw series is the town of Gerringong. Just 10 minutes from iconic Kiama on the south coast of NSW, Gerringong boasts gorgeous beaches, fine food and fun experiences to be had.  We first came across this little gem of a town when we stumbled upon the @soulofgerringong Instagram account […]

Things to See & do in BERRY, NSW | Cedarspan Explores NSW

Exploring NSW: the best things to see & do in BERRY

If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway with fun to be had, #dontpassbyberry! A pleasant 2 hour drive down the coast from Sydney will take you to the relaxed, inviting town of Berry, NSW. With its combination of amazing stores, friendly locals and breathtaking landscape, Berry has all the right elements for the perfect […]

Why Cedarspan™?

Unlike other kits, our buildings are panellised and specifically designed for owner assembly… or for quick, easy and economical assembly by your local tradesman. They are easy to assemble and are error free. All of our structures include a complete, weather tight shell. Dwelling Structures include a prebuilt elevated floor. Customers can chose to delete […]

Understanding NSW Bushfire ratings

There are six bush fire attack levels that are used to determine the appropriate construction to be applied to a development:   BAL-LOW Minimal attack from radiant heat and flame due to the distance of the site from the vegetation, although some attack by burning debris is possible. There is insufficient threat to warrant specific […]

The Cedarspan™ difference

The best thing about using Cedarspan for your granny flat is that we are onsite for less than one week! So, we ask, what is good about being onsite for less than a week….? Less disruption to your life style Less disturbance to your neighbours If you are renting, this becomes income producing 12 – […]

The Cedarspan™ Cabin base…

The clever pole-floor design by Cedarspan gives many advantages over a normal static cabin, saving time, money, hassle and danger of flooding! “Our Structures Do Not Require A Concrete Base Or Concrete Foundation.” We do not need a concrete foundation, therefore not needing a concrete base means we can keep our prices considerably lower. “Our Structures Can Be Fitted […]

NSW Council Exemption – Cedarspan™ Barns…

Worried about needing council approval for your barn or workshed? Look no further. So long as you are on Rural zoned land in NSW, it is unlikely that you will be required to obtain council approval for your ‘farm’ building. See below for an extract from the relevant NSW legislation;   Subdivision 16 Farm buildings (other […]

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