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A Vibrant Beach Cottage, a Place for Happy Family Memories

It was 2017 when Philip and Helene added a Cedarspan™ to their Kioloa property.

And four years on, the sentiment is simple.

“The value add is enormous. We are still glad with the investment we made.”


The couple chose a Cedarspan™ 30H60 Loft Cottage in board and batten.

The Cedarspan™ 30C60 Loft Cottage in board and batten with Colorbond roof in Monument. Painting by Philip 

“My wife looked around at various possibilities for kit houses. We liked the flexibility. We could make our own, and we did,” Philip explained.

“The other thing we looked at was the years Cedarspan™ has already been in the business. So those two factors were most important.”


Cedarspan™ has been building prefab barns, cabins and cottages around Australia since 1976.

With that long-running company history comes a commitment to personalised customer service.

“In terms of working with Cedarspan™, the product itself, and the end result I would say absolutely go for it.”


Northwood Cottage, Kioloa is a popular Airbnb stay

“The advantage is that we designed it ourselves, and we built it the way we wanted it.”


Philip and Helene’s vision for their property was a beach cottage.

The Cedarspan™ high-pitched roof and loft give the room a spacious ambience. 

“Because the ceilings are so high, the open plan area feels large.”


Philip & Helene customised their design with a skylight and balustrades to the loft area

The couple added two verandahs and decks, making room for more lifestyle space.

And to give the cottage a distinctive look, they chose cedar French doors and cedar windows.


The cedar window and cedar French door upgrade creates a striking contrast

Known as Northwood Cottage Kioloa, Philip says it’s a place for happy memories.

“It’s always the Christmas holidays that are the favourite moments when the whole family is there.”


While the couple has created the perfect holiday cottage, their only wish is to spend more time there.

“The fact that we’re six hours away from Kioloa, you can’t do it over a weekend. If it were closer, we would definitely go more often.”


When the family isn’t occupying it, Northwood Cottage is a popular Airbnb stay.

“It gives us the flexibility to book it when we need it.”


Philip & Helene added two verandahs and decks, and an elevated floor


The quality of the prefab cottage also gives Philip peace of mind.

“During the six months when we rented it out long term. There was a massive storm in that area.”

“Nothing broke. Nothing fell off. It withstood the storm. The structure is solid, and we can rely on it.”


Dreaming of your own rural getaway?

We’d love to show you just how fast & easy it is to add a Cedarspan™ building to your property.

As a 3rd-generation family business, we’ve been building cabins, barns & cottages across Australia for over 40 years.

Click here to download prices, or give us a call on 1300 635 966 to get your project underway.

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Tony and Julie’s Stunning Getaway with 4 Luxury Cedarspan Cabins

For two decades, this has been a family-owned working farm.

2018 signalled a new era for the 120 acres when Tony and Julie opened their gates to holiday-makers.

And it’s where four Cedarspan™ Loft Cabins shape a stunning country venue.

“They are all part of Lake Oberon Estate. It’s a venue for weddings and corporate events and group gatherings.”

“We also have it as an option for people to hire each cabin out for a weekend away from the city,” Tony said.


It was 2013 when Tony and Julie began bringing their vision to life. They chose 4 Cedarspan™ 40H70 loft cabins for their property.

“I was going for the country look, and that’s why I ended up choosing Cedarspan™. I found Doug really helpful, so that was also another factor.” 

 Cedarspan™ 40H70 with cedar upgrade and two additional verandahs


Cedarspan™ structures are customisable. This feature allowed Tony the flexibility to choose a design that suited his needs and spending plan.

“I sat down with Doug and we worked through it together. I created my own custom design, working with Doug knowing what I could and couldn’t change. It made it fit my budget.”


The couple has since created an idyllic escape from the city.

Today, Lake Oberon Estate is a luxury five-star getaway.

“The majority of people who come here want to get away from Sydney, so they turn off their phones. They don’t want the wi-fi, and in some cases, they don’t even want the TV.”


Tony and Julie completed the internal fit-out, choosing a modern rustic look.

Inside the 40H70 with optional additional loft. Fit-out by Julie and Tony

The stone feature wall and the fireplace is the focal point.

But it’s the Cedarspan™ high-pitched ceiling that creates the welcoming atmosphere.

“We added more insulation, so when you turn on that wood fire heater, the place heats up and stays warm.”

Before managing the popular Airbnb destination, Tony ran his own software company.

“I was supposed to retire five years ago, and it was something for me to do and for my wife to do. It’s become a big monster for us to handle on our own. It’s more of a retirement hobby.”


The tree change has also been a rewarding experience.

“What makes it for me is the people you meet. We’ve had some high-profile people like politicians.”


And while Tony’s newfound lifestyle has been an adjustment, he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

“We still have our place in Sydney, and our kids live there. I only go there for necessity. I can’t handle the traffic anymore. When you’re up here and if you’ve got four cars in the heart of Oberon, that’s considered a traffic jam.”


Dreaming of your own rural getaway?


We’d love to show you just how fast & easy it is to add a Cedarspan™ building to your property.

As a 3rd-generation family business, we’ve been building cabins, barns & cottages across Australia for over 40 years.

Click here to download prices, or give us a call on 1300 635 966 to get your project underway.

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Cosy Cedarspan Cottage Makes the Perfect Weekend Retreat



And red.

This eye-catching cabin is a custom-made Cedarspan™, set on six acres of land, surrounded by English gardens.

Welcome to St Clement’s Cottage in Oberon.

The Cedarspan™ Verandah Design 3040, measures 7.2m x 5.6m

Karen, one of its owners, found inspiration for the colour while overseas.

“18 years ago, we were in France, and we saw a red house on a hill, and I thought we’ll go back and paint the house red, and my husband said ‘red’?”


When they had their Cedarspan™ cottage installed in 2011, they painted it to look like a natural extension of the house.

“It complements the autumn foliage, and we do have snow, so the red looks fabulous in the snow.”


The Cedarspan™ cottage (left) looks like a natural extension of the main house (right)


Winter Wonderland, the Cedarspan™ cottage looking picture perfect in the snow

Karen and her husband, David chose the Verandah Design 3040, which includes a high pitch roof, elevated floor, verandah, and deck.

As optional extras, they added cedar windows and a cedar entrance door.

They wanted vertical timber for the exterior, so they chose board and batten cladding.

“We thought it might look good to match the house, and everybody seems to say the same thing.”


The Cedarspan™ cottage in board and batten cladding with additional cedar door and windows

The Oberon couple has since had a custom-designed Melwood garden room installed on the property.

“It’s a mini version of the cottage,” Karen said.

“It’s a garden shed, and it’s quite a feature. It’s like a ladies’ cave for me by the vegetable garden.”

The custom Melwood Verandah 10, measuring 3.6m x 2.6m is used as a garden shed

Inside the Melwood, here’s what lock-up stage looks like with the visible foil sarking. External painting by Karen and David

And in keeping with the theme, David has built a cubby house inspired by the cottage.

“Everyone thinks it’s a Cedarspan™,” Karen laughed.

In the coming weeks, Karen and David will have another Melwood garden room installed.

“We’re going to leave that as a cedar. We don’t want to overdo the red!”


The cottage has since become a popular holiday stay on Airbnb, but family always comes first.

“We have children and grandchildren, and everyone always wants the cottage.”

“It’s almost a lottery for who gets the cottage!”

Karen and David have created a warm and cosy cottage

Over the last decade, Karen says the Cedarspan™ has changed their lifestyle, giving them an appreciation for the simple things in life.

“It’s slowed us down to stop and smell the roses.”


Cedarspan™ and Melwood™ are registered and trademarked brands of the Greenspan Group, a family-owned and operated company since 1976.


Dreaming of your own rural getaway?

We’d love to show you just how fast & easy it is to add a Cedarspan™ building to your property.

As a 3rd-generation family business, we’ve been building cabins, barns & cottages across Australia for over 40 years.

Click here to download prices, or give us a call on 1300 635 966 to get your project underway.

More pics? Join us on Instagram: @cedarspan

Tips for Holiday Property Owners & Airbnb Hosts

As our beautiful country slowly opens back up again, we’re thinking about all the wonderful Aussie Airbnb & holiday property hosts who have had a rough time of it lately. 

As and where regulations permit, now is the perfect time to get your holiday property ready to welcome guests for the upcoming summer season. Roadtripping and staycations are becoming the new normal (and only option) for holiday-makers.

Here are a few key tips & pointers to help you get back on your feet, illustrated by examples from some of the many beautiful Holiday Properties in Australia!


Make it Memorable

As a host, it’s important to create memorable experiences that your guests will remember and talk about long after their stay with you. ⁠
Think about special touches that you can offer your guests as part of their stay.

Do you offer a welcome hamper on arrival? Bespoke local supplies for a DIY breakfast the next morning? Perhaps coffee tokens for the local cafe? ⁠When your guests get home from their weekend away, it’s these special little touches that they’ll remember and tell their friends about. And as we all know, word of mouth is the best marketing!

Make sure these gestures are photographed and mentioned in your social media and listings – these are the things that guests will remember you for.


Small gestures like a token that entitles your guests to a free coffee at the local cafe are a great way to make guests feel welcome. Image: Salt at Shoal Bay on Instagram


Make it Easy to Book

Make sure it is clear how & where guests can book a stay at your property.

If you have your own website, but all bookings are through Airbnb or similar, make sure there is a clear button on your website (ideally in the top right hand corner), so visitors can click and make a booking. 

People shouldn’t have to hunt around for your booking link.

If the link is clearly mentioned on all of your social media pages, and listings online, it will be easy for guests to book, and your calendar will fill up!


This Cedarspan cabin is a beautiful Airbnb destination in Oberon, NSW known as St Clements Cottage.


Tell us about the Locals

It’s important to remember that guests staying at your property are not familiar with your area, and looking to you for advice!

They might not be sure where is the best place to eat, the best coffee in town or local tourist attractions. 

What do you love most about your area? Where’s a great place to eat? Where should guests visit? Are there any hidden local gems that tourists don’t know about? When you share these local secrets with your guests, you make their stay easier, and at the same time increase interest in your property.

Bonus Tip: Create & print a checklist for your guests to tick off during their stay. 


Is there anything better than a hot cinnamon doughnut? And I'm not talking about the day-old ones you can get from that dodgy bakery in the train station. At the Berry Donut Van, they'll make your order fresh, which means a piping-hot cinammon creation that tastes like nothing you've ever tried before. So. Damn. Good.

Suggest where your guests can get coffee, meals or snacks nearby, as well as places to visit and things to do. Image: The Berry Donut Van is one of the highlights of Berry, NSW; a must-visit if you’re in the area!


Define your ideal guests

As with any company selling any product or service, it’s important to define who you are trying to reach.

This will allow you to tailor your words to speak right to your ideal guests (and will make your words more effective!)


Are you trying to reach:

  • young families with kids or pets? (mention that your venue is kid or pet friendly!)

  • road trippers? (mention how far your property is from Sydney, or whichever is your nearest capital city!)

  • beachgoers (mention local beaches and tourist destinations)

  • honeymooners (mention the privacy of your location, and special gestures like champagne and strawberries on arrival)

  • couples looking for a wedding venue? (mention the features of your venue, and packages you offer to couples)

  • businesses who will use your venue for meetings or events? (include photos and descriptions of your venue: large meeting areas or conference tables etc).


Once you know who you are speaking to, it will make it much easier to write your posts and listings, and your words will resonate with your ideal client!


For example – here at Cedarspan we help people turn properties into destinations with beautiful hand-crafted prefab buildings.  So we’ve created this post to help you if you’re a Holiday Property Owner, or inspire you if you’d like to become one!


No. 20H30, cedar cladding upgrade, additional Windows, Cedar Window upgrade, Add verandah & deck, add elevated floor, solid timber door


Post beautiful photos from your area

What do the local attractions look like? How far are they from your stay?

By posting photos of local attractions such parks, beaches, wineries or other tourist destinations, you’ll make it easier for people to plan out their weekend, and make yourself the obvious choice for their accommodation. 

Another benefit of this is building healthy relationships with the local businesses.

When ‘out of town’ visitors stop for coffee and ask “where is a good place to stay round here?” guess who they are going to recommend? It’s a win-win.


Post images of local beaches and tourist attractions to inspire your guests. Image: Jervis Bay, NSW. Via Pinterest


Add a CTA (Call to Action) 

It’s important that you add a CTA or Call To Action at the bottom of every post you share about your Airbnb location. Every post should have a purpose.

What do you want people to do after they read your post? Call you? Ask a question? Message a friend? Book a stay? 

Ask them to do exactly that, give them the link to do it, and you’ll see results. 

For example “We have a few slots left for a weekend stay in December! Click the link here to secure yours before they’re gone. We can’t wait to welcome you to beautiful [your suburb].”


Feeling inspired?  Create your own Airbnb or Holiday Property.

If you’re thinking about creating your own Airbnb with a prefab Cedarspan cabin, we’re here and ready to make it as easy as possible for you.

CEDARSPAN™ buildings are pre-made in our western Sydney factory to lock-up stage (externally complete) and then assembled onsite in just few days. 

It really is the quickest & easiest way to build on any rural property and has been proven time & time again since we started in 1976.

We have installers we can recommend, or you can use any qualified local builder to assemble the kit on your property.

Click here to download our price list, which contains dimensions + pricing for the Cedarspan range. We’ll be in contact within a few days to answer any questions you may have.

Already downloaded the price list? Click here to schedule a phone call so we can help you further. 


This holiday home in Kalamunda, Western Australia was built in just 5 days

Buying rural property and escaping the city smog is a dream many Australians have. The rolling hills, fresh air and warm sunshine make the perfect setting for a holiday home.

But there’s one hurdle – building a home on rural properties isn’t easy, and can take months on end.

One Aussie builder overcame this problem by using a prefabricated kit from Cedarspan. He assembled this classic holiday home in just 5 days on a property in Kalamunda, Western Australia.


cedarspan cabin constructed in just 5 days | the pefect holiday home or airbnb for rural property

The perfect setting for a rural weekend escape, airbnb or holiday home. 

The large verandah creates the perfect spot to sit and watch the sun rise (or set) with a warm cuppa in hand.


Prefabricated in a few weeks, assembled in 5 days.

The cabin was prefabricated in-factory into sections, so once it was delivered to the property, the builder just had to follow the included instructions to put the pre-made pieces together. This took just 5 days, and he’d never done a project like this bef0re.

Cedarspan Cabins are made-to-order, so you can select the size, finishes, options and layout, and really make it your own! 

The cabin is the Cedarspan 30H50 Loft Cabin. It measures 5.6 x 9m, providing enough space for 1-2 bedrooms, a kitchenette, bathroom and living area inside. Also shown are the extended verandah, premium Western Red Cedar cladding and handcrafted cedar windows.

Click here to download pricelist with all options & dimensions. 


No concrete slab or site levelling required

Another time-saving factor is the raised timber floor system. This means that a concrete slab is not required, saving time and money onsite. It also means no site levelling was required, so the cabin could be installed directly on the sloped property.


Want to see inside a Cabin?

We’ve got a few buildings on display at our factory in Girraween, NSW (about a 40 minute drive from the Sydney CBD). It’s amazing to be able to experience them in person. To feel the wood grain, try out the windows and swing open the doors. To step inside and be able to picture what you will create in your airbnb or holiday home cabin.

Appointments essential. Call 1300635966 to book your appointment now.

If you can’t come and visit the displays in person, next best option is to stalk our Instagram (go for it, you’re welcome!), where we share photos, tips and the occasional walkthrough video.


Cabin Prices & Dimensions

Cedarspan is a 3rd-generation family business that have been building cabins across Australia for over 40 years.
We’d love to show you just how fast & easy it is to add a barn, cabin or cottage to your property.

Click here to download prices, or give us a call on 1300 635 966 to get your project underway.


Cedarspan Cabin Kit Holiday Home assembled in 5 days