This Majestic Cedar Barn is a Family’s Multipurpose Space

It was a childhood memory that inspired Scott to build a barn.

“My father had a cedar shed when I was younger. I was looking to create something similar that suited the property.”


That’s when Scott came across Cedarspan™ 

“I was searching a few sites on the internet. It was convenient that we didn’t have to build from scratch.”


Prefab Cedarspan™ Loft Barn 30H40 installed to lock-up stage


30H40 with cedar upgrade, cedar French doors and windows, and barn-style double doors

On an acre of land, a short distance from the home, this traditional barn provides a family with valuable space.

“It’s a workshop, music and storage area, and garden shed.”


How’s that for multipurpose?

Scott customised the design with loft balustrades and ladder

Making the move from Sydney, Scott and his family relocated to the Southern Highlands a few years ago.

These days, he and his wife are giving their teenage kids a taste of the simpler life with a focus on family.


“I feel pleased to be able to offer that to them. It’s been a worthwhile move for us.”


When asked what his favourite moment from the barn has been so far, the answer is simple.


“It’s the kids playing their instruments and our family standing around listening to them.”


Form meets function: A traditional barn and a multifunctional space

And while it’s a space the whole family enjoys, it’s become somewhat of a man cave.

“I get teased a little bit. It’s always claimed that I have all these things in the barn, yet I try and make sure everything is neat in the house.”


A mechanic by trade, Scott enjoys having a workshop on his rural property.

“I always love being in it, I guess. I love the ability to go somewhere and spend some time that isn’t so structured.”

“I don’t need to go in there with a plan, but I can come out with feeling like I’ve achieved something.”


Cedarspan™ 30H40 with cedar upgrade and Colorbond roof in Woodland Grey

For those who visit, the reaction is almost always the same.

“The common feedback is ‘oh, love that!’”

“They tend to enjoy what it looks like from the outside looking in. Sometimes, if people do end up coming in, it’s got the split level in there, and they see it as practical.”


As this traditional barn meets both form and function, its owner would happily do it all again.

“Ours has been fantastic.”

“I would be happy to use Cedarspan™ again should we buy another place and need to do that.”


Dreaming of your own rural getaway or barn?

We’d love to show you just how fast & easy it is to add a Cedarspan™  building to your property.

We’re a third-generation family business and have been building cabins, barns & cottages across Australia for over 40 years.

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Two Cedarspan Cabins, a Red Door and One Spectacular View

Here on this Southern Highlands property, a red door joins two Cedarspan™ cabins.

Nordic inspiration sets the scene where classic charm meets minimalism.

Nordic inspiration: Two Cedarspan™ cabins joined by an annex


It was 1996 when the first cabin was built, inspiring its new owners to replicate it.

“We moved here nine years ago, and it was always here.”

“We thought it’s easy to add on another section. We wanted to copy that and add it on here,” Maren explained.


Built to last: The original Cedarspan™ cabin was installed in 1996

Maren and her husband, David, then began the process of bringing their vision to reality.

“When they first put up the bottom part, that was so exciting. We were running around thinking it’s so big, and the next day it was finished.”


For the barn’s exterior, Maren found an unusual source of inspiration.

“I had the horse paddocks with post and rail fences redone, so I used this black paint called ‘StudX’. I was obsessed with it, and then everything was painted black.”

“This paint goes into the wood. You still see the grain, so it is a strong stain, and it lasts for a very long time.”


Maren and David extended their deck area for the ultimate pool house experience

Rustic Luxury: An outdoor shower with a view


Step inside, and it’s all about the view.

“I saw it in a magazine, and I thought I love that.”

“It makes the room. It’s beautiful. We absolutely love it.”


What a view! The bay window was added by Maren and David

The bay window isn’t the only feature that gives the room a wow factor.

Maren painted the Cedarspan™ steel trusses black, enhancing the high-pitched ceiling’s striking appearance.

“I thought it is more interesting to look at rather than a flat surface.”


Six years on, Maren shares fond memories of having the new Cedarspan™ installed.


The Cedarspan™ 20C40 cabin with cedar upgrade and Colorbond roof in Woodland Grey

“It was very easy. We ordered it, they gave us a date, and they built it in the time frame.”


While insulation to the roof and all walls are standard features of all Cedarspan™ structures, Maren opted to make it cosier.

“We put in insulation from underneath, and it made a huge difference.”

“It’s comfortable, and it’s always a good temperature in here.”

Maren has added a wood heater in her Cedarspan™ cabin, creating a cosy loungeroom

Maren credits her mother for the idea to join the two Cedarspan™ cabins with an annex.

“My mother is living in Germany. She’s been here a few times, and she loves it.”


In keeping with the Nordic theme, she has combined simplicity with comfort.

“I never wanted too much stuff to clutter it.”

“Everyone who stays here loves it.”


For the kitchen, she paired neutral colours with a distinctive splashback.

“I wanted that green Scandinavian theme.”


Maren’s Nordic-inspired kitchen with a green Scandinavian theme

Joined by an annex: where the two Cedarspan™ cabins meet

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Maren has truly settled into country life. 

“My daughter is in Sydney. I go quite a bit to see her.”

“Do I miss it? Do I want to live there? Probably not!”


Dreaming of your own rural getaway?

We’d love to show you just how fast & easy it is to add a Cedarspan™ building to your property.

As a 3rd-generation family business, we’ve been building cabins, barns & cottages across Australia for over 40 years.

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A Warm and Cosy Home, a Daughter’s Gift to Her Mother

One in seven Australians is over 65.

And as our population ages, more and more families are caring for their parents.

“Having your independence and having community nearby is part of your humanity. It’s what builds our confidence and what makes you feel capable and needed.”


When Emma needed a comfortable and safe home for her 87-year-old mother, Elma, she chose a Cedarspan™ cottage.

“She had spent years with us taking care of her, and she felt ready to live a bit more independently again but wasn’t ready to stray too far away from us.”

Classic charm, the Cedarspan™ cottage looks right at home in the Southern Highlands


When the family moved from Victoria to the Southern Highlands, they bought an acre of land, intending to build a cottage close to the main house.

“We are in a weatherboard cottage; it’s about 100 years old. We wanted something that was a natural echo of that.”


Emma chose a 30C50 with cedar upgrade and an additional verandah along the length.

“All the people I dealt with, and any flexibility I wanted with it, there was always an openness for discussion. They were fantastic.”

“We added the stairs, and we put the verandah on the front in a way that we could then potentially add a ramp for mum if we do get to that stage.”


The customisable Cedarspan™ has given the family flexibility to add a ramp for improved access

The cottage has been renovated to suit Elma’s needs.

“She’s had a major stroke since then.”

“My brother did a lot of the fit-out for the kitchen and laundry to her specifications.”

“It’s an adjustable little design, and it amazes me how flexible it can continue to be.”


Emma’s brother completed the fit-out for the kitchen and laundry


Roof and wall insulation is a standard feature of all Cedarspan™ cabins.

“I put some good heating in as well, and because it’s so well insulated, it heats and cools so beautifully and easily for her.”

Emma has created a warm and comfortable home for her mother

Handcrafted and customisable, this classic Cedarspan™ cottage provided a straightforward and convenient process for the family.

“Cedarspan™ had a lot of options. The fact that you can change dimensions and measurements, those things worked well.”

“The price point was pretty fantastic for what you get in the end. It’s an enormous amount of work.”

“Very, very quickly up pops up this gorgeous little home.”


The foundation: Our Cedarspan™ Engineered GRID Pier Floor System results in extra stability

Quick assembly, saving you from lengthy, messy, and noisy construction

Once installed to lock-up stage, Emma chose to complement the character and charm of the Southern Highlands area and the main house.

Cedarspan™ 30C50 with cedar upgrade, measures 5.6m x 9m

“We wanted something fairly neutral, so we went with dark charcoal that would blend into the landscape a bit more.”

“We didn’t want to go into contemporary, new-age designs.”

“It looks quite natural and beautiful in the setting.”


Dreaming of your own rural getaway?


We’d love to show you just how fast & easy it is to add a Cedarspan™ building to your property.

As a 3rd-generation family business, we’ve been building cabins, barns & cottages across Australia for over 40 years.

Click here to download prices, or give us a call on 1300 635 966 to get your project underway.

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Cedarspan Barn Endures Black Summer Bushfires

145km from Sydney, on an isolated 100-acre property, stands a Cedarspan cabin.

Robust, resilient, and unscathed.

It endured one of the worst bushfire seasons in Australia’s history, known as Black Summer.

Simon, the barn’s previous owner, tells of its incredible survival.

“Waiting with bated breath,” he asked, ‘have I got a cabin still?’

It was standing there on its own.”


The aftermath: The Cedarspan barn stands strong after the devastating bushfires of January 2020


When the devastating Morton bushfire swept through the Southern Highlands, Simon was up North with family helping clear land for harvest.

“Watching the RFS fire website, watching where the fires were moving, I couldn’t leave, so it was a bit hopeless just watching this on the app on the phone.”


Realising how destructive the fires were, Simon called on his friends who drove from Wollongong to remove essentials and valuables from his cabin.

“Anything that was explosive or flammable, petrol, diesel, gas containers, lubricants, grease, we actually loaded up the bunker.”


Simon’s bunker was loaded up with flammables in preparation for the bushfires


On January 4, 2020, at 7:25 pm, the security camera on his property captured the moment the destruction erupted.

“The embers were starting to come through on the camera, and the motion of it was actually triggering the camera, and that went for about over an hour.”


Simon recounts the eerie feeling of watching the surveillance footage for the first time.

“It would have been 6 minutes when it did hit. It just burnt so hot and hard that it just went straight through in that time. It burnt everything in that instant.”


Pictures from a surveillance camera on Simon’s property


When Simon did return, he was amazed.

“Chest out shoulders back, telling the world have you got something better than that?”


In the aftermath, the area was patrolled by workers from Forestry, RFS, and National Parks.

“Some have come in on my bunker and scribbled onto the soot.

They scribbled ‘lucky’ onto the door of my bunker.”


‘Lucky’ scribbled onto the soot on the door of Simon’s bunker


But some weren’t so fortunate.

“There was a neighbour 600 metres to my east, and it was brick, older style brick, sandstone, and he lost that. It burnt to the ground.”


Simon’s tractor after the bushfire


When asked what could have possibly saved a timber barn from a raging fire?

“By putting *CEDARSHIELD™ on, it seals it,” Simon explained.

“I had only just put two coats on the southern side, so the fire side two weeks before I went north.

You can rub your hand up and down the timber, no splinters whatsoever. It’s just more of that glazed feel on it, so you know you are also reducing the flammable property of the timber.”

“I suppose if I hadn’t put in a bunker, hadn’t cleared it, hadn’t put *CEDARSHIELD™ on, and hadn’t prepared, I perhaps would have been lucky, but I’ve done all those things.”


One year on from the bushfires, the area is beginning to thrive.

“The southern highlands is probably greener and brighter than it’s been before.

A lot of the big trees are still in shock, and they’re shooting out a limb.”


‘The Hills Barn’ (Loft 30H40) with cedar cladding, measures 7.2m x 5.6m. Picture courtesy of Hindmarsh + Walsh Property


For five years, the barn was Simon’s getaway and a place for family and friends to enjoy camping, mountain biking, kayaking, and bushwalking.

To this day, Simon’s favourite memory from the cabin is the day it was installed.

“When the boys were putting the cabin up, I went up there I missed them on the first day.

When the walls were put up, I just realised the size of it.

It was perhaps beyond my expectations, and it’s a solid piece of kit.”


Day 2: The Cedarspan crew working through the night to complete installing ‘The Hills Barn’


Simon’s property borders both a national park and a forest, the only access for the Cedarspan crew was 50 minutes of 4-wheel driving through fire trails, with no mobile reception.

“I know how hard it is to get in and get out. They didn’t even comment on that. They just did it. Put the cabin up.”


The Cedarspan arrives, ready to be transported through tough terrain


Once installed to lock-up stage, Simon made it his own.

“I like the contrast the standout. The red door for me it was a standout. When you see it, it’s a beacon looking back through the bush.”


One year on from the bushfires. Picture courtesy of Hindmarsh + Walsh Property


Now, Simon is in the process of looking at another Cedarspan barn for his new property.

“I’ve already been in touch and sounded out some ideas and enquired about product turnaround times which are way ahead of many other companies.”


*Disclaimer: The views represented in this article regarding CEDARSHIELD™ are based on the experience of the customer.

CEDARSHIELD™ has not been scientifically tested as a fire retardant and, as such, should not be relied upon in the event of a bushfire.

We encourage all residents in bushfire-prone areas to heed warnings and follow the safety advice of authorities.

Dreaming of your own rural getaway?

We’d love to show you just how fast & easy it is to add a Cedarspan building to your property.

We’re a third-generation family business and have been building cabins, barns & cottages across Australia for over 40 years.

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Exploring NSW: things to see & do Bowral

It’s safe to say we’re all a little in love with Bowral.

And if you havent heard of this delightful town before, let us introduce you.


Just an easy two hour drive from Sydney, Bowral is the largest town in the Southern Highlands, boasting a wide range of accomodation, entertainment and dining options.

A popular spot with locals and visitors alike, it’s great for a getaway, but we daresay you’ll be tempted to stay forever!


Whether you go for a weekend, a week, or a lifetime, here’s our recommendations for where to stay and what to do, eat and see in Bowral.   



Where to eat in Bowral, NSW

Biota Dining, Bowral

A two-hatted restaurant, Biota Dining has brought high-quality food and service to the Southern Highlands, with a menu that’s as modern as its Scandinavian-inspired decor.
Meals are created using produce from the property, with menus that will tantalise tastebuds and ignite imaginations. 
It’s easy to see why Biota has been included in Gourmet’s Top 100 more than once.
Biota Dining | Where to eat in Bowral NSW

Biota Dining | Where to eat in Bowral NSW


Onesta Cucina
For lovers of classic italian food, family-owned Onesta Cucina is your destination. 
With a name meaning ‘honest kitchen’, a promise of ‘exceptional food in an ambient environment’ and a new menu everyday, there’s always something delicious to discover here. 


Enjoy Fine Italian Food at Onesta Cucina in Bowral NSW

Enjoy Fine Italian Food at Onesta Cucina in Bowral NSW


Flour Water Salt

Carb lovers unite! (and get your collective selves into FlourWaterSalt at Bowral pronto!)

This delightful bakery offers everything from croissants and cakes, to pies and pastries, all produced with ‘Quality ingredients, skilled producers and passion from start to finish.’


mouth-watering wares from Flour Water Salt Bakery in Bowral NSW

mouth-watering wares from Flour Water Salt Bakery in Bowral NSW


Gumnut Patisserie

Last but not least, we couldn’t describe ‘Where to eat in Bowral’ without including Gumnut Patisserie!

An absolute favourite with locals and visitors of all ages, Gumnut is a must-visit for our team whenever we’re in the area! (In fact, it’s not acceptable to go to an appointment in the Southern Highlands, and return to our office without a gumnut box.) 😂

Gumnut Patisserie - a must-see in Bowral

Gumnut Patisserie – a must-see in Bowral



What to do in Bowral, NSW


 Gather & Cook Adventures

Step into the wild on an adventure with the chefs from renowned Bowral restaurant ‘Biota’. 

“Experience a hands one approach, discover new ingredients, how they grow and where, followed by a campfire cooking session”

Gather & Cook Adventures | Biota Dining | Bowral NSW

Gather & Cook Adventures | Biota Dining | Bowral NSW



Artemis Wines

Just 8 minutes from Bowral is the cellardoor of family-owned Artemis wines.

With an ambience of rustic Australian elegance, it’s the perfect place to experience a tasting of finely crafted wines, ciders and beer.

Warm and welcoming in winter, laid back and casual on the lawn by the vines in summer.

Family-owned winery Artemis Wines | Bowral NSW

Family-owned winery Artemis Wines | Bowral NSW



Treasures to discover in Bowral, NSW

Bendooley Estate Book Barn 

Just 5km from Bowral, in the town of Berrima, you’ll find the sprawling Bendooley’s Estate. 

Home to rolling hills, picturesque driveways, vineyards, accomodation cottages. A gastronomically exquisite restaurant houses a crackling fire set in sandstone, sweeping views of the property, and tables for casual dining.  Tucked in behind all of this wonderment, Bendooley’s has yet another surprise: the Book Barn. A fascinating bookstore, home to hundreds of books from all corners of the globe.

It’s safe to say Bendooleys is a must-visit when in the Southern Highlands area.

The Book Barn at Bendooley Estate South Berrima | Things to do in Bowral NSW

The Book Barn at Bendooley Estate South Berrima | Things to do in Bowral NSW

Dirty Janes Bowral

Offering ‘the best in Vintage’, Dirty Janes Bowral is a large antique warehouse where you can explore the hundreds of unique items on offer. 

With 75+ dealers spread across 3 large warehouse spaces, you will find a impressive range of antique and vintage furniture, lighting, architectural elements, vintage clothing, jewellery and more.

Peruse Fascinating Antiques at Dirty Janes Bowral | Things to do in BOwral NSW

Peruse Fascinating Antiques at Dirty Janes Bowral | Things to do in Bowral NSW




Where to stay in Bowral, NSW

Milton Park Country House Hotel & Spa

“Set apart in its own secluded hilltop woodland just east of Bowral in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Milton Park Country House Hotel & Spa is a five star hotel offering luxurious accommodation, fine cuisine and impeccable yet discreet service in an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication.”

Milton Park accomodation Bowral NSW

Milton Park : an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication, a service of 5 stars.



The Coach House at The Rift

“The luxurious, self-contained Coach House is situated within The Rift Bowral estate. It maintains a separate entrance, secluded living spaces and sweeping garden vistas.

The fully renovated, elegant, residence maintains it’s character as the original nineteenth century stables and foundry of the estate.”

The Coach House at Bowral | Bowral NSW Accomodation | Where to Stay

The Coach House at The Rift, Bowral


We love exploring rural NSW and all of the special treasures this beautiful state has to offer!

Want more pics & insider tips? Join us on Instagram: @cedarspan

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Exploring NSW: Things to see and do in Bowral, NSW

Exploring NSW: Things to see and do in Bowral, NSW







Adding a barn, cottage or cabin to your own rural property is  fast & easy with Cedarspan.

We make to order in our Sydney factory, and then deliver and build in less than a week.

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